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Indopotamia: Negotiating Boundary-Crossing Water Conflicts

 Lawrence Susskind, Shafiqul Islam and Catherine M. Ashcraft   (Published: 2011)
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312 Pages
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Role Play Package
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Indopotamia is a nine-party, mediated, multi-issue negotiation game involving a dispute over the allocation of land and water resources shared by three countries in an international river basin. The game provides opportunities to discuss the natural, societal, and political dimensions of science-intensive policy disputes in which high levels of uncertainty are involved. The game also introduces water professionals and aspiring water professionals to the Water Diplomacy Framework (WDF). The game is designed to be played in four separate segments. Each explores an important element of the mutual-gains approach to negotiation.

The product includes: 

  • Full Teacher’s Review Package
  • Teaching Notes
  • General Instructions (4 segments)
  • Confidential Instructions for Rep. from Gamma’s Ministry of Water and Energy (4 segments)
  • Confidential Instructions for the Rep. of Alpha’s Ministry of Water Resources (4 segments)
  • Confidential Instructions for the Rep. of Beta’s Ministry for Sustainability (4 segments)
  • Confidential Instructions for the Rep. from Mu State’s Economic Administration (4 segments)
  • Confidential Instructions for the Rep. from the Global Water Management Organization (4 segments)
  • Confidential Instructions for the Rep. from the International Conservation Institute (4 segments)
  • Confidential Instructions for the Regional Development Bank Representative (4 segments)
  • Confidential Instructions for the Rep. from Water Infrastructure Engineering and Design (4 segments)
  • Confidential Instructions for the Mediator (4 segments)

Learning Objectives

Negotiating in multi-party, multi-issue set-ups involving disputes.

Subjects Covered

Negotiation, Dispute Resolution, Water Diplomacy


Geographic: Multinational

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