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Critical Decisions in Negotiation DVD Set

 Robert C. Bordone and Tobias C. Berkman  
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2 hours 47 minutes
DVD 3-disc set
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October 2013


In this video, Harvard Law School Professor Robert C. Bordoneprovides negotiation coaching and instruction in three critical domains: openings and process, dealing with difficult tactics, and active listening and effective assertion.

The video features four pairs of attorneys and businesspeople negotiating a licensing agreement for a new pharmaceutical drug. Professor Bordone reviews highlights from each of these negotiations, analyzing the strategies employed by the negotiators. Through a series of feedback and coaching sessions, the negotiators reveal the motivations and assumptions underlying their negotiation decisions. Professor Bordone explains in detailed steps how to use these critical decision points to improve negotiation processes and outcomes.

The video includes a 20-page booklet with detailed teaching notes about how to use the DVDs to promote learning and engagement in the classroom.  The video may be used on its own or in conjunction with the negotiation simulation “Iqbal’s Big Venture,” which serves as the context for the recorded negotiations.  

Learning Goals

To develop an effective opening and a process for a successful negotiation; to deal effectively with the difficult tactics of another party; to employ active listening to effectively move a negotiation forward; to assert interests in an effective and productive manner.


Intellectual Property; Openings and Process; Dealing with Difficult Tactics; Active Listening and Effective Assertion


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