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Drafting an IP Strategy at MNC (A)

 John Palfrey and Lisa Brem  
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January 2012
13 pages
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Workshop-Based Case Study
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Multinational Corporation's (MNC) new CEO wants to take a fresh look at the venerable company's intellectual property strategy and how IP can best generate value for the company. Students play the role of Dana Garcia, vice president of corporate strategy at MNC. Garcia is charged with creating a new IP strategy for MNC's cloud computing business line that will go beyond the traditional "sword and shield" approach. How can Garcia balance the need to protect the company's IP assets, while also selectively engaging in open source platforms and collaborative partnerships to bolster growth and enter new markets? How will IP aggregators affect the way the company should exploit and protect its IP assets?

Learning Objectives

  • Explore ways to design an IP strategy for an entrepreneurial unit within a large, established company.
  • Understand the range of alternatives when thinking about IP strategy and how to use those alternatives appropriately for various IP assets.
  • Discuss ways to stimulate growth in IP assets in an large, diverse, and established firm.
  • Analyze the advent of IP aggregators and how these companies will impact MNC's IP strategy.

Subjects Covered

Intellectual Property, Corporations, Strategy, IP Aggregators


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