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Handling Harassment at Langdell University

 Steven Kalnoki and Robert C. Bordone  
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26 pages
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Role Play Package
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May 2012

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Langdell University, in the state of Ames, is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the country.  Since the late 1970’s Langdell University has had a single sexual harassment procedure for all of its undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools.  However, in a recent review the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights criticized this single centralized system as inefficient and unfairly burdensome to some students and staff.  Accordingly, Langdell University has decided to scrap its existing system, and Langdell’s president has requested that each of the graduate and professional schools design and implement its own procedure for resolving sexual harassment disputes and enforcing the university’s sexual harassment policy.

In response to this request, the Dean of Langdell Law School, Dean Wormer, has formed an ad hoc committee, of which you are a member, to recommend a procedure for resolving complaints of sexual harassment.  The committee includes the following individuals:  the Dean of Admissions, the General Counsel, Professor Cheetham, the Secretarial Staff Coordinator, the Student Body President, and the Law School Ombuds.  The committee‘s task is to design a procedure for resolving sexual harassment complaints and for enforcing the university’s sexual harassment policy.  In preliminary discussions the Dean and the law school General Counsel identified six broad issues that the committee should consider in designing the law school’s new sexual harassment complaint resolution system.  They are: Dispute Resolution Options, Factfinder and Decisionmaker, Corrective and Remedial Action, Confidentiality and Privilege, Representation, and Publicity.  The committee will be meeting for approximately 2.5 hours to design the school’s new sexual harassment complaint procedure. 

This product includes:

  • General Instructions for All Party Roles
  • Confidential Instructions for Prof. Cheetham
  • Confidential Instructions for Dean of Admissions
  • Confidential Instructions for General Counsel
  • Confidential Instructions for Ombuds
  • Confidential Instructions for Secretarial Staff Coordinator
  • Confidential Instructions for the Student Body President
  • Complete Teacher's Package with all files listed above

Learning Objectives

To develop processes and strategies for handling group decision making; to apply a problem solving approach to dispute systems design.

Subjects Covered

Facilitation Simulation; Multiparty Negotiations; Dispute Systems Design


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Industry: Higher Education

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