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Star Pond Community Meeting Hard Copy

 Chad M. Carr  
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12 pages
Hard Copy
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Role Play Package
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May 2012

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Star Pond Park provides one of the largest open spaces in the city of Caliston. Known as a refuge within the urban city, Star Pond Park attracts a diverse group of visitors from both Caliston and nearby communities who use the park for a variety of recreational activities including walking, cycling, picnicking, jogging, dog walking, socializing, and bird watching. Over the past decade, the number of users has increased dramatically. This heightened popularity has resulted in more conflicts between different types of users who must share the limited park space with each other. In order to get a better understanding of the conflicts and to begin finding workable solutions, the city has engaged Consens-R-Us, a local non-profit organization that provides facilitation and mediation services. As a first step in its conflict assessment, facilitators from Consens-R-Us will be holding a community meeting that will be open to any users of Star Pond Park who would like to share their experience as a park user and help formulate ideas for overcoming user conflicts. The goal of the community meeting is to begin to develop an understanding of how the park is used, what types of conflicts arise, and what might be done to manage these challenges.

This product includes:

  • General Instructions for Facilitators and All Party Roles (White)
  • Confidential Instructions for Alex Winters (Cherry)
  • Confidential Instructions for Cassidy Quenton (Green)
  • Confidential Instructions for Dana McCandless (Goldenrod)
  • Confidential Instructions for Jean Leslie (Blue)
  • Confidential Instructions for Kyle McConnell (Canary)
  • Complete Teacher's Package with all files listed above (White)

Learning Objectives

To provide experience facilitating a meeting where participants bring a diverse set of concerns; to develop and manage a process for facilitating conversation; to develop the ability to work with a partner; to uncover underlying interests of parties.

Subjects Covered

Negotiation Simulation; Multiparty


Geographic: United States

Industry: Parks & Recreation

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Multiparty Negotiation, Group Decision Making, and Teams

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