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The Offer Hard Copy

 Sheila Heen  
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16 pages
Hard Copy
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Role Play Package
September 2012
October 2012

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“The Offer” is intended to be a negotiation conducted entirely over email.  Sydney Klausen, a fifth year associate at a law firm in Boston, is looking to move to an in-house legal position.  Sydney has two offers, one from Altitude and one from Boniface Ventures.  Sydney must decide how to negotiate with each company in order to determine which offer to accept and under what terms.  “The Offer” addresses the unique dilemma of multiple bidders for a scarce commodity.  In this case, both Al (from Altitude) and Bo (from Boniface) want to hire Sydney, but Sydney must choose between the two bidders. Bo is aware that there is another offer (but without clear information on whether the other offer is static or dynamic), but Al commences the negotiations in the dark about the existence of a competitor. The asymmetry of information between the different parties provides ample opportunity to consider the ethical quandaries facing parties who find themselves in such negotiations.

This product includes:

  • Confidential Instructions for Sydney (Pink)
  • Confidential Instructions for Al (Blue)
  • Confidential Instructions for Bo (Canary)
  • Teaching Note

Learning Objectives

To understand the advantages and disadvantages of using email for negotiation; to evaluate the challenges of setting up and conducting an auction; to identify the impact of process decisions on relationships.

Subjects Covered

Negotiation Simulation; Email Negotiation; Employment Law


Geographic: U.S.

Industry: Legal


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