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Copying Your Case Study

All of our teaching materials are protected by U.S. copyright law, and one soft copy must be purchased for each time that the file will be downloaded, forwarded, or photocopied.

If you would like multiple copies of one of our materials, you must purchase the same number of soft copy permissions as the number of copies you need.

If you would like to incorporate one of our materials into a course packet, you must purchase the same number of soft copy permissions as the number of course packets into which you plan to insert the material. Course packets work well to distribute case studies and other exercises for which each participant receives identical materials.

Role plays and the Problem Solving Workshop cases “Consumer Financial Protection Bureau” and "The Case of Cross Deputization" include different sets of confidential instructions for different participants. In that case, if you order 40 copies of a two-party role play, you would receive 20 permissions for one party's instructions and 20 permissions for the other party's.

For these materials, we advise you to:

(a) create different course packets for different students;

(b) include only general instructions for the role play in the course packet, if applicable, and distribute the confidential instructions separately; or

(c) omit the role play from course packets entirely.

Purchasing one of our DVDs entitles you to one product that may be viewed multiple times and in group settings, but may not be exhibited for profit or reproduced.


For additional questions, please contact the Case Studies office at or 617-496-1316.


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