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International and Comparative Law

International legal studies encompass legal disciplines such as finance and criminal law, legal history and antitrust, among many others, even as they accentuate questions regarding both relations across national boundaries between states, entities and citizens and the transnational transmission of ideas about law.

  • Credit: Electronic Frontier Foundation

    CLOUD Act Enforcement

  • Statue of Liberty

    Sanctuary Cities

  • mobster

    The Organized Crime Cases: Moves and Countermoves

  • man holding nondescript bundles attached with duct tape

    The Colombia Connection: An International Solution for an International Problem

  • keyboard with credit cards on side

    Albert Gonzalez: Get Rich or Die Tryin’

  • 1's and 0's on computer monitor

    Liberty Reserve: The Face of Cyber-Laundering

  • mountain in industrial setting

    Turf Wars and the Ciudad Juárez Cartel

  • crate of empty bottles

    The Growth of Organized Crime in the United States

  • empty gun found on gravel

    Los Zetas and a Strategy Built on Fear

  • briefcase full of stacks of $100 bills

    Sinaloa Cartel, A Business Strategy

  • white star with blue background

    Somalia in Crisis: Famine, Counterterrorism, & Humanitarian Aid | Part B2: The NGO General Counsel Dilemma

  • white star on blue background

    Somalia in Crisis: Famine, Counterterrorism, & Humanitarian Aid | Part B1: The National Security Council Dilemma

  • film

    Ching Pow: Far East Yardies!!

  • man addresses crowd

    Reputation, Credibility, and the Goldstone Report (B)

  • man addresses audience on podium

    Reputation, Credibility, and the Goldstone Report (A)

  • airplane crosses a clear blue sky

    Run for the Border

  • people putting hands into a circle

    Great Negotiator Case Study Package

  • Map of Afghanistan

    Lakhdar Brahimi - Negotiating a New Government for Afghanistan

  • colorful play blocks

    The Case of the Lead Toys

  • Chinese flag billowing

    Charlene Barshefsky (A) and (B)

  • globe

    Stuart Eizenstat/Negotiating the Final Accounts of World War II

  • Stormont Castle

    "To Hell with the Future, Let's Get On With the Past": George Mitchell in Northern Ireland