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Sanctuary Cities | HLS Case Studies

Sanctuary Cities

 Brittany Deitch and Lisa Brem, under the supervision of Sabrineh Ardalan   Published: November 2017
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Role Play

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This case study asks students to engage in a legislative simulation before the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security. The subcommittee hears testimony from various groups on a proposed House bill that would cut federal funding to sanctuary jurisdictions. Students play the roles of majority and minority members of the subcommittee, representatives of various organizations with an interest in the proposed legislation, and correspondents from different media outlets

This simulation could be taught in Immigration Law courses, or seminars and clinical seminars on immigrant rights and advocacy. It could also be used in Legislation and Regulation courses. 

Learning Objectives

• Understand the issues on both sides of the sanctuary city debate.
• Experience a mock congressional hearing and come to a better understanding of the role of lawyer/advocate in this proceeding.
• Be able to take a persuasive position on either side of a debate and articulate that position clearly and concisely.
• Understand the challenges and opportunities that congressional hearings present for lawyer/advocates.

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