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Teaching Units: Skills


The following case studies are designed to improve lawyering skills through work products and in-class exercises.

Each teaching unit can stand alone as a cohesive experiential component for existing courses; educators can also combine the teaching units on this page to create semester-long case studies courses, or can mix and match cases on this page for an abridged survey of the different teaching units.

For complete offerings on a given skill, see individual Subject listings in the main menu above.



Legal Writing

Learning goals: practice drafting memoranda, motions, contracts, and other legal documents. These case studies also feature problem solving. Writing assignments may be detailed in the student materials or in the teaching manual.

Creating Collaborative Documents

  • Supplementary information

Writing and Presenting Short Memoranda to Supervisors

  • Supplementary information

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • Policy memos and presentation to government official
  • Eight hours over four sessions

The Case of the Medical Stent

  • Contract language
  • Four hours over three sessions

The WikiLeaks Incident: Background, Details, and Resources

  •  Four 90-minute sessions with three possible writing assignments

Sue the Consumer: Digital Copyright in the New Millennium

  • Prepare complaints, deposition questions, motions for sanctions, and subpoenas
  • One or two 90-minute sessions


In addition to our full collection of case studies involving legal writing, see our cases in the traditional 1L subjects, which could be adapted to legal research and writing curriculum:

Contracts, Torts, Property, Criminal Law, and Civil Procedure


Client Interviewing

Learning goals: practice talking with clients to ascertain their goals and desired outcomes as well as evaluate and present options; understand various perspectives; arrive at salient facts and relevant law; work with decision trees; navigate doctrinal and jurisdictional conflicts and overlaps to arrive at a cohesive strategy; manage the principal-agent tension; find value creation opportunities.

The Case of the Landlord's Dilemma

  • Advising a client
  • Four hours over three days

The Case of the Encumbered Employee

  • Planning a transaction
  • Five hours over three sessions

Pandora's Box

  • Role play: two attorneys negotiate on behalf of clients


Critical Decisions in Negotiation

Learning goals: practice exploring interests, looking for sources of value, and maintaining positive relationships with the other side; develop effective opening and process for negotiations; deal effective with difficult tactics of another party; employ active listening to move a negotiation forward; assert interests effectively and productively.

Critical Decisions in Negotiation DVD Set

  • Runtime: 2 hours 47 minutes

Critical Decisions in Negotiation DVD Bonus Material

  • Complete raw footage of the negotiations sampled in the product above
  • Runtime: 4 hours 10 minutes

Iqbal's Big Venture

  • Participants negotiate the same exercise covered in the video


Great Negotiator Case Studies, profiling award-winning negotiators 


Mediating Value-Based Conflict

Learning goals: resolve conflict without compromising fundamental beliefs and values; avoid threats to individual identity; understand the interests of parties; focus on short-term and long-term solutions; learn when no agreement is the best agreement.



Learning goals: assess historical and industry examples of surviving conflict and the challenges facing teams; strategize to save a failing business; develop best practices for change management and implementation of strategy.




Problem Solving

See our entire Problem Solving and Advanced Problem Solving suite, as well as our Problem Solving and Advanced Problem Solving teaching units.



Check out our Corporations and Mergers & Acquisitions subject pages, as well as any of our other Case Development Initiative cases.