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Contracts & Transactions

  • Word cloud with Private Equity and other associated concepts

    Project Merchandise: An Introduction to Private Equity

  • close-up view of someone smoking a cigarette

    The Case of the Smoking Tenant

  • an open sign on a storefront

    After the Sale (B)

  • open sign on a store window

    After the Sale (A)

  • graphic of business people standing in front of graph

    AmesCard Role Play Package

  • police car

    The Case of Cross-Deputization

  • gallery wall of framed artwork depicting mountain ranges

    Set Sale!

  • Brazil national flag

    Diego Primadonna Spanish Language Version

  • mouse-hand clicking at symbol with keyboard in the foreground

    The Offer

  • colorful game pieces

    The Case of the Anti-Bacterial Toys

  • strawberry icecream cone

    Zen & Kerry's

  • sunny purple grape vineyard

    The Vineyard

  • music player

    Pandora's Box

  • pile of colorful pharmaceutical drugs

    Iqbal's Big Venture

  • man skiing downhill

    Inside Out

  • Brazil flag

    Diego Primadonna

  • Firefighters putting out fire

    Amity Island Focus Group

  • man in dress shirt writing

    The Case of the Encumbered Employee

  • surgical tools

    The Case of the Medical Stent

  • iron fence

    The Case of the Rent-Paying Tenant

  • colorful play blocks

    The Case of the Lead Toys