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Teaching Units: Professional Development for In-House Counsel


The following cases explore issues unique to the in-house counsel profession.

Each teaching unit can stand alone as a cohesive experiential component for existing courses; educators can also combine the teaching units on this page to create longer case studies courses.

This page will be updated as additional in-house counsel case studies are added to the collection.

For more information about case studies for in-house counsel, see related blog posts:


For additional information, or to develop a custom case studies curriculum, contact hlscasestudies@law.harvard.edu. 



Career Planning & Professional Development

Learning goals for in-house counsel: reflect on pressures and challenges of professional life and mid-career moves; proactively and effectively address these challenges; navigate the constrained resources of public interest law; reconcile personal and institutional values and objectives; understand what is involved in creating a legal organization, including funding, management, and strategic direction.

From Brussels to Paris OR From Stamford to New York

Workers’ Rights in the Hudson Valley (A) and (B)


Crisis Management

Learning goals for in-house counsel: navigate a crisis that engulfs a corporation's CEO; ascertain relevant facts and possible consequences; address possibilities and events proactively.

Hewlett Packard and Mark Hurd (A), (B), (C), and (D)



Learning goals for in-house counsel: apply core concepts such as BATNA, reservation price, and ZOPA; consider uncertainty surrounding possible arbitration and multiple possible deal structures.

Remicade/Simponi: Confidential Instructions for J&J Legal Team, J&J Business Team, Merck Legal Team, and Merck Business Team