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Teaching Units: Professional Development for In-House Counsel


The following cases explore issues unique to the in-house counsel profession.

Each teaching unit can stand alone as a cohesive experiential component for existing courses; educators can also combine the teaching units on this page to create longer case studies courses.

This page will be updated as additional in-house counsel case studies are added to the collection.

For more information about case studies for in-house counsel, see related blog posts:



Career Planning & Professional Development

Learning goals for in-house counsel: reflect on pressures and challenges of professional life and mid-career moves; proactively and effectively address these challenges; navigate the constrained resources of public interest law; reconcile personal and institutional values and objectives; understand what is involved in creating a legal organization, including funding, management, and strategic direction.

  • Workers’ Rights in the Hudson Valley (A) and (B)

Crisis Management

Learning goals for in-house counsel: navigate a crisis that engulfs a corporation's CEO; ascertain relevant facts and possible consequences; address possibilities and events proactively.


Learning goals for in-house counsel: apply core concepts such as BATNA, reservation price, and ZOPA; consider uncertainty surrounding possible arbitration and multiple possible deal structures.


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