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Government Structure and Function

Topics in Law and Government generally fall within one of three areas: (1) government structure and processes and (2) regulatory fields that pertain to law and government, and (3) roles of government lawyers. Courses that examine government structure and processes include Constitutional Law, Education Law and Policy, Executive Branch Design, Federal Courts and the Federal System, and Legislation and Regulation. Courses that deal with regulatory fields in law and government include Insurance Law, Regulating Financial Stability, and Food and Drug Law. Courses covering various governmental roles for lawyers are: Government Lawyer, Lawyering for the President, and Federal Litigation.

  • glass of white wine among a blurred backdrop

    BYOB in Boston

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    The Snowden Effect

  • police car

    The Case of Cross-Deputization

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    Cost-Benefit Analysis at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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    Margaret Hamburg and the FDA

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    The Smart Grid

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    The Case of the Anti-Bacterial Toys

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    Balance the Budget!

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    The Case of the Lead Toys

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    Citigroup-Wachovia-Wells Fargo