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Long River

 Lawrence Susskind and Catherine Ashcraft  
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Role Play Package
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This is a six-party, seven-person (including the mediator), multi-issue mediation simulation game involving a dispute over developing an instream flow action plan. It introduces and explores the uses of a mutual gains approach to negotiation, mediation, and coalitions in a science-intensive dispute with high uncertainty. This game can be played with either 13 (2 per negotiating role + 1 mediator) or 7 (1 per negotiating role + 1 mediator) players.

A river management action team has been assembled to develop a scientifically sound instream flow action plan for the Long River. The team is made up of the governor’s special assistant and representatives from the State Department of Fish and Game, a nearby Tribe, the Regional Water Supplier, an irrigators’ group, and a coalition of environmental and recreational interests. Unless at least five of the stakeholders on this team can agree on an instream flow action plan, it is very likely that federal regulators and the courts will have to step in and impose restrictions of various kinds. A neutral mediator is assisting the negotiating team.

The parties must deal with several issues: (1) Instream flow goals: what kinds of values and uses should the parties try to protect and enhance? (2) Strategies for increasing instream flow: how will the parties try to meet their instream flow goals? (3) Future development: how should land use planning for future development be integrated into water resource management? (4) Enforcement: how will the parties implement and monitor their agreement?

The product includes:

  • Full Teacher’s Package
  • Teaching Notes
  • General Instructions
  • Confidential Instructions for the Governor’s Special Assistant
  • Confidential Instructions for the State Department of Fish and Game Representative
  • Confidential Instructions for the Tribe’s Representative
  • Confidential Instructions for the Regional Water Supplier Representative
  • Confidential Instructions for the Irrigators Group Representative
  • Confidential Instructions for the Environment-Recreation Coalition Representative
  • Confidential Instructions for the Mediator

Subjects Covered

Negotiation, Environment Law


Geographic: United States

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