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Legislation and Regulation

Cases concerning Legislation and Regulation examine the way Congress and administrative agencies adopt binding rules of law (statutes and regulations, respectively) and the way that implementing institutions -- courts and administrative agencies -- interpret and apply these laws.

  • glass of white wine among a blurred backdrop

    BYOB in Boston

  • large pile of money

    Cost-Benefit Analysis at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

  • circuitry

    From Sony to SOPA: The Technology-Content Divide

  • birth control pills

    Margaret Hamburg and the FDA

  • police car

    The Case of Cross-Deputization

  • colorful game pieces

    The Case of the Anti-Bacterial Toys

  • foggy city

    The Case of the Commissioner's Choice

  • man offering handshake

    The Case of the Federal Defender's Advice

  • colorful play blocks

    The Case of the Lead Toys

  • iron fence

    The Case of the Rent-Paying Tenant